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Cedar is a twenty-something year old painter and actress from San Diego, California.

With a background in art, Cedar painted primarily in acrylics until 2008 when she switched to oils. She has been making art her entire life, but it wasn’t until she switched to oils that her paintings started to develop her unique style. With a passion for fairy tales and a fondness for nature and natural settings, many of her artworks exhibit a combination of beautiful settings with a quirky and whimsical twist.

Cedar has been interested in studying the past her entire life, and collects antiques and vintage clothing, furniture, and photographs. Her paintings really showcase her interest in childhood days of the past.

Along with her oil paintings, Cedar is currently working on illustrating her first book.

In her spare time Cedar works with Persnickety Pictures as an actress, costumer, and script writer. Her past films include HRH Electric, Flamingo Tango, Slipped, and Basket of Sane.


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San Diego artist Cedar Taylor

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